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    Zhongshan YUYANG Hardware Electrical Factory

    聯系人:James     手機:008618029920860     地址:No. 33,Zhengxi Road,Western Industrial Park,XiaolanTown,Zhongshan City,Guangdong
    主營: 經營范圍包括加工、銷售:五金制品、電器、塑料制品、燈具。

    Zhongshan YuYang Hardware Electrical Factory focus on research and development, production and sales of Home appliances products. We have quite a lot exporting experience since we had been engaged in the industry in 2002.

    Our major market would be North America, Europe and Australia, Our current clients include Aldi in Germany, Amazon sellers in various countries, and supermarkets in Italy and Spain. we are expert in offering OEM and ODM service, also we provide dropping order in mail box.

    More than that, all of our products have CE /RoHS /Reach /GS /FDA /LFGB certification and we have obtained many appearance patents.

    Last but not least , our vision is going to bring millions of great products and healthy life to people all over the world.

    【 3 年 VIP認證會員 】
    YUYANG--Our Team
    2021/5/16 12:58:17  ?   340
    With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, people's material living standards are constantly improving, and the pace of life is also constantly accelerating
    2021/5/16 12:55:19  ?   1402
    What do you want for lunch? It is a problem for many office workers. Is it to open the takeaway app? Or is it an automatic retail machine full of instant noodles?
    2021/5/16 12:47:57  ?   1370
    The variety of takeaways is not as healthy as the one you bring.
    2021/5/16 12:45:27  ?   1409
    The epidemic is about to pass, and everyone has gradually entered the state of work, but the lunch at noon after work has become a problem for many people.
    2021/5/16 12:39:56  ?   1259
    On the March 15 Consumer Rights Protection Day that just passed, the online ordering platform was pushed to the forefront.
    2021/5/16 12:39:01  ?   1245
    Use hot water to cook the rice for 20 minutes in the electric lunchbox, turn it off, and simmer for 10 minutes.
    2021/5/16 12:35:04  ?   1222
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