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    Denglu Lighting

    聯系人:Manager Liao     手機:+86 13710187538     地址:No.11, Liqun Rd, Sansha industrial Zone,Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China.
    主營: Solar Lamp Pendent Lamp Ceiling Light LED Bulb Bracket Lamp Wall Lamp Table Lamp High Bay Light Mirror Light

    Guangzhou Denglu Lighting belongs to Hong Kong Golden Phoenix Industry Co., Ltd. It is a special
    lighting manufacturer and exporter in China, In 2005 We set up the lighting production line in the 
    lighting city, Zhongshan, Guangdong ,China with 5000㎡ where owns a convenient traffic, one and 
    half hour away from Guangzhou by car.In 2010 we set up Chinese new brand-XITAILAI, Under 200 
    workers’ effort the lighting products with brand name GPI and XITAILAI has rapidly spread all over 
    the world, Europe, South America, Australia, Middle east and Africa and win the high reputation and 
    reliability feedback from our customers such as HDT, Delta construction.

    The expert of light making always is our pursuing and the mission in our mind is to make the user 
    enjoy the beautiful life so we are specializing in LED Lamps , Ceiling Lamps, Wall lamps snf  Electronic 
    Ballasts Etc. During of all production process we have a strict quality control system to ensure the 
    quality and the lead-time is within 3-4weeks for an order delivery.

    With the strong will of market developing our company can share the corporation strategy with the 
    value customers  to win the market together. Welcome to join the GPI Lighting distributor 
    relationship and we promise to support the customer all the time, OEM and ODM are welcome as 
    well to meet our philosophy root 'let us fly together”

    Sincerely hope to build up a good business and friendship relation with you and we are ready to do 
    our best service for you at anytime.

    【 1 年 VIP認證會員 】
    How long is the life of household solar lamps? What are the factors that determine the service life of solar lamps?
    2023/3/15 10:04:27  ?   20
    Table lamp is a common indoor lighting equipment, which can be divided into the following types according to different designs and functions:
    2023/3/15 10:03:40  ?   18
    1. The ceiling lamp is the main lighting fixture close to the ceiling, but its upper end is very flat, just like adsorbing on the ceiling,
    2023/3/15 10:02:30  ?   21
    When installing a chandelier at home, you need to choose a beautiful and practical type.
    2023/3/15 10:01:48  ?   20
    In daily life, chandeliers are often seen in many homes, which are very beautiful and fashionable.
    2023/3/15 9:55:01  ?   19
    The planetarium and the three main architectural elements in the design, the round hole skylight, the inverted dome and the celestial hall sphere
    2023/3/15 9:44:23  ?   18
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